1. As a Medical Officer of National Institute of Siddha, my duties included
    1. Patient care and Clinical Bedside teaching for Postgraduate students
    2. Guidance on Research methodology and application of Data
      collection and presentation to the Postgraduate students.
      Years and 7 Months from 01.12.2007 to 08.7. 2011)
    Participated at Staff Development Programme Sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi as a Resource Person in Teaching Pharmacology Staff on Clinical Research on Complimentary System of Medicine.


  1. Administrative work at Get well Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,
    I have participated in the administrative work related to the organization and co-ordination of clinical management of patient who required multidisciplinary approach.
  2. Administrative work at National Institute of Siddha. As a Main Store in charge Medical Officer in National Institute of Siddha. I have accounted the receipts and issues of the Main store, conducted continuous physical verification weekly throughout the year covering all items. As a Co-ordinator of
    1. RoTP Preliminary Meeting of Siddha Experts.
    2. RoTPMain Programme.
    3. CME Programme organized by National Institute of Siddha, I administrated and collected all the Bills, accounted, subjected it to Audit and forwarded Utilization Certificate to the Secretary, Dept. of AYUSH, New Delhi. Actively participated in purchase of equipments and accessories in National Institute of Siddha.


As the Siddha consultant of Getwell Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., (from 1.1.98 to 31.3.2003), Medical Officer of National Institute of Siddha (from 1.12.2007 to 30.6.2011) and Siddha consultant of Health India Foundation (July 2011 to till date), I have encountered various cases of Diabetes mellitus, Bronchial asthma, Gynaecological disorders, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, Psoriosis, Eczema, Gastro Intestinal problems, all types of Arthritis, Hypertension, Renal diseases, Paediatric ailments and Gastrointestinal ailments and sexually transmitted diseases special emphasis on HIV/AIDS and its opportunistic infections.

Further, for social and preventive medicine, I have counseled the population in peripheries and conducted medical camps to create awareness about inherent strength, food habits and the importance of disease free life as per the literatures of Siddhars.