Award for research paper at AIHM Annual Conference 2018

Submitted a research paper in this AIHM conference, San Diego, USA, Accepted for Poster presentation. Dr Saravanan presented this paper. It received second place award. This is a very proud movement. Aya chendooram, a siddha classical preparation effectively manage the type 2 diabetes mellitus. It reduces the blood sugar and increases the Insulin levels.


  1. Exploring Siddha system and Siddha way of Healthy life through medias Like
    1. Kalaingar TV, 
    2. Kalaignar Seithigal TV( Program : Sukku Milagu, Thippili), 
    3. News 7 Tamil Channel ( Unave Amirtham – Preparation of Traditional food and explaining the medicinal uses. Nearly 450 episodes completed) 
    4. Web seminars ( ).
    5. Web TV : Saha TV and Arul Jothi TV
  2. Writing series of articles in VALAI TAMIL website ( in the name of NALAM KAKKUM SIDDHA MARUTHUVAM.
  3. Writing articles in Kumutham Snekithi, Malligai Magal and Doctor Vikadan ( eg. Dengue fever, Ebola, Swine flu etc.)
  4. Many awareness programs and Hands on training programs ( Siddha and natural way of life) to college and school students.
  5. Exploring the secrets of Thirumanthiram (Ancient Siddha Literature) through scientific way and giving Lectures to various organizations.