1. Exploring Siddha system and Siddha way of Healthy life through medias Like
    1. Kalaingar TV, 
    2. Kalaignar Seithigal TV( Program : Sukku Milagu, Thippili), 
    3. News 7 Tamil Channel ( Unave Amirtham – Preparation of Traditional food and explaining the medicinal uses. Nearly 450 episodes completed) 
    4. Web seminars ( ).
    5. Web TV : Saha TV and Arul Jothi TV
  2. Writing series of articles in VALAI TAMIL website ( in the name of NALAM KAKKUM SIDDHA MARUTHUVAM.
  3. Writing articles in Kumutham Snekithi, Malligai Magal and Doctor Vikadan ( eg. Dengue fever, Ebola, Swine flu etc.)
  4. Many awareness programs and Hands on training programs ( Siddha and natural way of life) to college and school students.
  5. Exploring the secrets of Thirumanthiram (Ancient Siddha Literature) through scientific way and giving Lectures to various organizations.